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Like most players my experience with poker began in small buy in home games with friends. My interest in the game and its earning potential, especially for kids in college grew as i realised it was a legitimate way to earn really good money by playing a game that was pretty fun. When FullTiltPoker first announced the rush games back in 2010 i decided to give poker a real shot and my my first proper deposit and started to play 10nl rush. I haven't looked back since and have moved up to 400nl+ with a really solid winrate across all limits. 

Although my play is mostly rush/zoom i play regular tables as well and have had just as much success there as i have had on the rush tables. So as a coach i feel very comfortable in my ability to help improve anyone's game at 400nl and below. 

For 6max nlh videos watch this space! Enjoy :) 

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