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Mike Gano is a professional poker player, coach, streamer, author, and DJ. He's been a consistent winner in the online NL cash games for 15 years, playing as high as $5/10. His videos and articles have appeared all over the internet: CardRunners, RedChipPoker, DeucesCracked, PokerNews.com, Holdem Manager, and 2+2 to name a few. He also writes a weekly poker strategy blog called Poker in a Box.

Gano has coached over 300 students, from beginner through advanced, and specializes in helping players move up quickly through the stakes. His teaching style is methodical, focusing on practical application. And his students often praise his ability to explain complex topics in easy-to-understand language.

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$200nl 888 Poker Snap Live Play Part 1

Mike Gano (author of the poker strategy blog Poker in a Box) brings us a 200nl snap video played on 888 poker....

Mike Gano 9,515 Views on 24/4/17