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Heads Up 101 – Part 3

Chris Edwards 4,295 Views 58:36 Duration

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Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards
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Chris Edwards, Heads-Up cash game coach at Chris Edwards (AKA Floppynuts09) is a heads-up cash game specialist, playing anywhere from 50nl to 400nl. He started his poker career in 2009, where he occasionally played both live and online. Although his real poker career didn’t begin until late 2010, where he began watching training sites and working harder on his game. He began grinding 6max SNG’s until he had a bankroll large enough to play the lowest heads-up cash game available on Full Tilt Poker. As you can see below, he spent a lot of hands playing 50nl, but eventually moved up to 100nl and 200nl with immediate success. This was until he lost his entire bankroll when Black Friday hit. Within a few months of waiting, he decided to put the remaining funds he had onto Pokerstars. Playing heavily under-rolled, he managed to grind 50nl successfully with the skill he had acquired on FTP. Within 2 months, he was playing 200nl with huge success. Chris has won over $30,000 playing poker, and is winning more and more by the week. He wins at a massive 10BB/100 and is one of the hottest players at the low-mid stakes heads-up games at the moment.

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Excellent a subject I knew nothing about

on 15/9/17


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nolanimilleron 25/6/15

I agree with Navonod, After black friday, All us players that are left are like mini monsters. I'm a 25nl grinder using Holdem Indicator, and once in a very VERY long while I'll come across someone playing 55/4. It literally feels like Christmas because everyone else is really good. Get me into some Eurosites and i'll give u a cut of the action!


Juve922on 23/10/14

great vid, but u must admit u ran pretty hot beside one time. Anyway ur heads up thinking is on very high level for my standards, so thank you for opening my ´eyes´


Navonodon 14/12/13

that vid was much better than the other vids I\'m glad I watched it but I am gonna ask you this; do you think you\'d have done worse if you lost a pot every once in a while? This had to be so much fun for you, as someone who makes a lot of strat vids it is so good when your recording and you play well, run like God, and play against a complete non-hand reading fish. nice vid, nice session.played good and ran like GOD vs a TOTAL donkey,.... Thanks DOJ for black Friday (I NEVER EVER EVER find fish that bad on US friendly sites even at NL50) NEVER EVER. Frickin\' USA, land of the \"free\" right???


Navonodon 14/12/13

I\'m so irritated you didn\'t show or even tell what you did that last hand on the last vid. Dang it.

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