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Heads Up SnG Poker Series: Part 3 (Low Stakes)

David Tighe 7,110 Views 45:28 Duration

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David  Tighe
David Tighe
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Once a heads up SNG beast earning over $500k David has now changed direction into Mixed Games. Always being 1 step ahead of the game David is seeing excessive value in HORSE and 8 or better games. David already has an impressive win rate across all games but is mostly profiting from Stud8.  David has had many online scores totalling over $250k. Including winning the PartyPoker sunday major for $40k and then following it by finishing 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th in it over the following 12 months.  Live tournament winnings total over $240k including winning the Party Poker late night poker series in a stacked field for a cool $102500. Also recently winning the GUKPT walsall leg for £25k.  Stay tuned to see the best SNG and mixed game content online!           

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David continues to move up the buy in levels. Analysing each hand that he plays. 

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gherkinon 3/12/13

I would definitely be interested in doing a couple of \"ghosting\" videos with you for the site if you are interested? Basically you record yourself playing some HU videos and then we both watch it back and discuss the hands. If so, we\'ll get Jon to set it up


Navonodon 10/11/13

I\'d like to talk over some things with you if you have the time. I have some HU vids on pokertube, I\'m about to have content on splitsuit\'s page, and I think you are very good. But I also disagree with a high % of what you say/do. That sounds to me like a chance to learn. If you are as good as you seem and I disagree with a lot of what you say and do, then you likely have a lot that you could teach me and/or I may be able to help you with your game as well. I don\'t have any players I\'m really friends with that I consider to be peers in HU play. Splitsuit is a great FR and 6 max player but I don\'t have HU playing \"poker buddies\". You interested in chatting? Maybe check out some of my vids on pokertube and see if there\'s stuff you don\'t agree with and why.

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