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How to Analyze Your Poker Leaks

Adam Jones 5,505 Views 38:26 Duration

4.5/5 (2 Reviews)
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I am of British nationality and go by the online alias w34z3l. I am considered one of the top consultants in the field for technical analysis (i.e. database work) and application of game theory concepts to various card games. I make a range of educational content (including the videos and articles here) helping players, software designers and card game enthusiasts to take their strategic understanding to the next level. My background in teaching helps me to communicate concepts effectively and clearly.Whether you are looking to generate a full-blown understanding of optimal strategy or simply pick up the skills to surprise your friends in a home game, feel free to contact me through the message system.

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Adam 'W34z3l' Jones poker presentation on how to correctly find, analyze and fix your leaks. Using poker range softwares, HM2 and a standard notepad Adam shows you how to take your game from a low-mid level all the way up to advanced. Being brutally honest with yourself, spending time studying and correctly finding better strategies will help dramatically improve your game!

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4.5/5 (2 Reviews)

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I think the simplest way is using BB instead of real money, in that way you have a general approach to any situation, also u can using as an input to other softwares and also the numbers have fewer digits. In addition, I think the algebra in how to solve the equation is not important in the videos, that is a homework for people and the best is show the formula and how to formulate the problem and show the result, I am sure most of the watchers know how to solve a simple equation and if they don't just plug it in and that's it. Overall, I liked a lot the video because I like to see the math behind any decision, for people like me that can't afford CREV yet hahahaha. That fold equity we calculated would be cool if we compare it with an estimated range for the villain and see if is folding enough to at least be breakeven.

on 21/6/16




This as a theory video and a is a bit more in-depth than basic math for poker like pot odds, but not hugely so. I've been looking at barreling in 3bet pots and learning the proper way to calculate if it's a profitable move will be good for my confidence at the table - and my bankroll will appreciate it to! I do wonder if the calculations, rather than showing at the end of the video that the math was performed correctly, could be done using whole number examples, maybe not as realisistic, but perhaps easier to follow for beginners and numberphiles? Just a thought. Obviously another great effort from the w34z4l and I'll give this 4 stars until someone explains why using simpler numbers won't work, then I'll give it the max 5! :)

on 7/12/15


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w34z3lon 21/12/15

I can try and add links and stuff where relevant. The problem with trying to simplify the maths is that poker maths is not that simple. It can become almost infinitely complex. So its really a case of trying to find some middle ground. Complex enough that its useful and relevant, but not so complex that no-one gets it. So basically, if you try and simplify something too much, it begins to lose its value. If only we could solve poker using only round numbers...... So in this video I didnt shy away from using algebra, but I did spend a pretty decent chunk of the video explaining how algebra works. In a higher level video I would not have bothered with this stage.


Pwllon 7/12/15

So, had another thought. given people do find this stuff difficult, perhaps when these vids are presented, they come with a link or two to relevant information/math lessons etc at the end, on how to do the math? Say on the last page, Oh and here are a few links to help you get started on the math if you are unsure. That sort of thing. Just an idea, thats two today, tired now.

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