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Hypnotherapy in Poker

Elliot Roe 7,448 Views 14:09 Duration

3/5 (1 Review)
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Elliot Roe
Elliot Roe
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Hypnotherapy and Mindset Coaching for Poker I’m Elliot Roe (DHP), a fully qualified professional hypnotherapist and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner based in Las Vegas Nevada. I qualified with RBCCH (Royal Berkshire College of Clinical Hypnotherapy), and I am a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy I have developed a hypnotherapy program to help players reduce tilt and improve their focus at the table. I have worked with a number of professional poker players. Also, I work with UFC competitors to help them mentally prepare for their fights by improving their focus and confidence. Hypnotherapy has been shown to be an effective tool in many sports, and I believe it has been under-utilised in poker. Poker is a game where playing with the correct mindset is incredibly important. Hypnotherapy is exceptionally effective at achieving the right mindset and effectuates positive change. Hypnosis is undoubtedly an excellent tool that every player should utilize. In one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions we can identify root causes of negative behavior at the table, such as tilt, anger, self-sabotage or low confidence. Once the source of the destructive thoughts has been pinpointed, hypnosis is used to reduce or remove them completely. This creates long-term change as you gain an understanding of your mindset and the tools needed to overcome this problematic behavior. It is possible to progress much faster with a client using hypnotherapy rather than more traditional therapies, as communication takes place directly with the subconscious mind. What could take years to resolve using psychoanalysis, can take just weeks or months using hypnotherapy. Once we have resolved the internal issues I will use techniques to create triggers relating to your “A game” and being in “The Zone” by practicing these techniques you will be able to play to your fullest potential more frequently and your game will develop more quickly. By improving your focus and patience at the table you will better understand the weaknesses in your game and you will feel compelled to resolve them.   Imagine the increase in your ROI with: :-Reduced or complete resolution of tilt issues :-Improved focus during sessions :-Increased patience at the table :-Increased awareness of tells :-A new improved love of poker and a interest in improving your game :-A better understanding of your personal weaknesses, where they stemmed from and strategies to combat them   Sessions I offer live sessions in Las Vegas and Skype sessions for $100 per hour with sessions lasting between 60 and 90 minutes. The first session is always 90 minutes ($150) as it serves as both an informational and treatment session. The following session lengths will depend on the issues presented and the needs of the client. If you mention you found my services here at PokerVIP, on booking the first session you will receive a focus MP3 ($25 value). If a package of 5 hours is booked and paid upfront I offer a 10% discount ($450).   MP3's I offer two types of MP3s for Poker. One is for “pre-game warm up” to improve mental focus and reduce tilt during your session (Available for live or online play). The second is my “Post-game warm down” this MP3 is used to improve sleep and remove stress resulting from the day’s game. (Please see commercial market place listing for further details) Mp3’s can be purchased here. Personalized MP3s for specific issues are also available for $200 ( This includes a 30 minute skype consultation and a short personality test to ensure the best possible induction is being used).  

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Elliot Roe is a Professional Hypnotherapist for Poker Players and UFC fighters in Las Vegas. He's a critically acclaimed and highly rated coach on the TwoPlusTwo Poker Coach listings.

This Video will help you manage the subconcious mind to reduce tilt and improve focus at the table.


3/5 (1 Review)

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Nice video

on 22/10/16


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lucky.chipon 22/10/16



Royon 17/1/13

So sorry I rarely check back on this site, haven\'t noticed you asked for my experience and totally forgot that I said I would update on that. I have only a few things to say about my sessions with Elliot, and that is that they are life changing, and I think everyone should absolutely try this out as early in there matured life as possible. If you are comfertable with hypnosis, as I am, then what hypnosis does is resolve things on a subconscious level. This kind of happends subconsiously, which is really weird because you feel you are conscious when being hypnotized (and you probably are, but are able to communicate with your subconsious). My sessions with Elliot have been absolutely great, sometimes very intense (emotional things in the past being relived etc.), but extremely productive, for my life basically, my life has become that much better since starting with Elliot, and so has my poker. The biggest thing for me that I realized eventhough I already resolved some emotional stuff that worked and helped me, in regards to poker the biggest thing really was that I noticed that something was really resolved on a subconscious level, I didn\'t tilt anymore from some bad beats or bad variance, there was a difference in my first emotional reaction to what happened, instead of getting the same emotional automatic reaction, but being able to then tell myself well its poker its the game, accept it, and move on. I really didn\'t feel like it bothered me anymore, and this is when I realized that something changed on a subconscious level. I also recently followed a NLP (Neuro linquistic Programming) introduction course, and found out in the whole NLP program they also use hypnosis to actually make change happen on a subconsious level, so it isn\'t just the hypno world itself that believes in its effectiveness. So basically the sessions with Elliot changed my whole life for the better, and I found out I now have a tool (Elliot your a tool) to resolve any mental issue I can. That probably doesn\'t mean that everytime you have a session and you work on a certain issue it will dissapear in instant magic, but it happens over time, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but since starting with Elliot I am also much more aware of how past experience shape your judgement of the present and emotional responds to things, I\'ve started to become much more aware of who I am what can possibly hold me back and why I feel or think the way that I do, so the sessions basically also opened something inside me that is an on going process in self improvement, which will also contribute to the effectiveness of the therapy, but are a more indirect effect of it. I will hopefully never stop taking sessions with Elliot, and am confident I will use this hypnotherapy in the rest of my life to improve it for the better. I know this might sound a bit to good to be true, and I don\'t want to give anyone super high expectations, but this is really what it has done for me personally, but that is obviously not a garantuee that it will do the same or similair or better for yourself, because outside of the sessions with Elliot, I since have done a lot to improve my life (but all is a direct or indirect of the sessions). Outside of that Elliot is a great guy (as far as I know him), feel really comfertable talking to him, and I feel good talking to him about intense emotional experiences and past issues, and I can just as comfertably switch to having a more personal friendly type talk about similair interests (both are big MMA fans). (if you check Elliot\'s 2 2 thread there are more people with similair experiences as mine, and who praise Elliot a lot, I think if you can afford it you definately should give it a go, but first try an mp3 and see if the hypnotherapy style is working for you in a way that you can comfertably follow his voice and let go of control and just listen and relax).


PokerDonV73on 1/1/13

Roy, How are your sessions with Elliot going?


Elliot10181on 28/11/12

Hi Matt, Thanks, I\'ll be honest it\'s just what I sound like, I haven\'t worked specifically on my voice.


VodkaHazeon 28/11/12

Great video Elliot! As a kind of out of subject comment, do you have anything that helped you practice your \"hypno voice\"? I find your voice very appeasing and easy to listen to


Royon 3/11/12

Welcome to pokervip, Elliot! Next monday is my first session with Elliot, will update how his services have been later.

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