MingTheMerciless93 Private Coaching 100nl w/ Jeremy

7,009 Views on 15/12/15

How to review a poker session using PokerTracker 4 replayer with Twitch legend MingTheMerciless93. Ming sits down with long term student Jeremy and reviews his most important hands played that month on the 100nl tables. Discussing the most profitable lines to take in...
  • Game decision making
  • Note taking
  • Bet sizing
  • 3 bet bluffing 
  • And value
This is the perfect video for any player wanting to take their game to the next level!

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Chris  Leather

MingtheMerciless93 has been playing poker since 2003. He was a coach for Cardrunners and DeucesCracked where he produced some of the finest quality training videos of all time.  He has been coached by multiple high stakes players and v ... Read More


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