Unibet 10nl: Part 1/2

3,626 Views on 17/4/18

In this brand new two part series top PokerVIP Fergal shows you how to take advantage of the incredibly soft fields on Unibet poker! He takes you through topics such as advanced betting lines, hand reading vs different player types and how to adjust your play to take advantage of different types of leaks in your opponents play! 

Using these techniques and strategies, Fergal will teach you how to start off playing at the lower limits and build up your bankroll by taking advantage of weak opposition and maximising your EV in every single situation!


Fergal Brophy

Fergal is a micro stakes cash game grinder with close to a million hands under his belt. He has been playing poker for over a decade now and has always been passionate about the game, but for the majority of his career was a complete recrea ... Read More

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