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Poker Snowie: GTO Study Tool Part 1

Nick Whitton 5,948 Views 32:25 Duration

4.7/5 (4 Reviews)
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Nick Whitton
Nick Whitton
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Nick has been a true microstakes grinder playing 10,000's of hands at each level of the microstakes. He has a growing win rate due to his hard work ethic and passion for the game. Nick has become familiar with almost every site which gives him a great insight into all playing styles. His knowledge on the basics of poker is fresh and suited well to todays game with a combination of feel and EV calculations. With a microstakes tournament win, SnG experience and currently crushing cash games, Nick feels he is becoming a well rounded player and is keen to share with you all of his knowledge!     

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PokerVIP forum member and theory nut CrazyCookie plays vs Snowie. Poker Snowie is the famous tool that helps players take better GTO lines and rates their play. This video highlights...

Take a look at the discussion of Snowie as a study tool on the forums in the "Snowie Study and Challenge" thread.

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4.7/5 (4 Reviews)

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Can you share your range definitions? Thanks

on 15/6/16



No Rating

not sure we can 5bet bluff with any hand for 45bb's as it commits too much of stack to ever fold, click it back for 34 (less than min should be fine if we want to use that strategy). Vs a polorized 4betting range i guess we want to call more in position and vs a linear range.... i guess click it back assuming he still has to fold bottom percentage of range

on 30/3/16




I liked this video a lot. It actually shows us we use GTO in our game a little more than we think down in the micros, albeit more intuitively than knowingly perhaps. I would point out that I don't think this video is for noobs or beginners to the subject, as it moves along at pace, so may need background reading first and a couple of viewings as well. Really good stuff in here guys and gals, it gets 4 stars for that and would have five but for the pace. I would have liked to see a beginners guide to the galaxy vid on this stuff, as we have reading material on the forums which may be a bit overwhelming for noobs to the topic. :)

on 24/3/16




Great video Stewie. Its funny cuz this video coincides really well with a book that I am reading. The book is tailored mostly to optimal and balanced play. Although I play micros and exploitative play is much better, there is still a ton a value in understanding optimal play and balanced ranges that someone in the micros can use to be able to exploit.

on 24/3/16


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CrazyCookieon 30/3/16

@Matty I agree the 5b bluff sizing kinda sucks, will look more into that next time I construct some ranges. In regards to the folds to min raise, I'm not playing Snowie to try and beat it (in the respect that I take the most +EV for the situation the computer puts me in). In real games we face bigger than 2x and I based my ranges around that. If I face a min raise I widen my calling range but I don't see much point in practicing this against Snowie as we end up in a tonne of spots with hands we won't have and our ranges can get rather screwed in our mind. The concept is that we take quite a complicated subject and make it as simply as possible so that we don't have to have tonnes of ranges open for us when we play :)

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