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Poker Theory: Nut Flush Draw Blockers

Nick Whitton 8,327 Views 19:14 Duration

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Payout: 15,000€
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Betfair €15,000 August Race 2

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Nick Whitton
Nick Whitton
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Nick has been a true microstakes grinder playing 10,000's of hands at each level of the microstakes. He has a growing win rate due to his hard work ethic and passion for the game. Nick has become familiar with almost every site which gives him a great insight into all playing styles. His knowledge on the basics of poker is fresh and suited well to todays game with a combination of feel and EV calculations. With a microstakes tournament win, SnG experience and currently crushing cash games, Nick feels he is becoming a well rounded player and is keen to share with you all of his knowledge!     

Everything you need to know about nut flush draw blocked in no limit hold'em games! 



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Pwllon 30/3/16

Wish I'd looked for this ages ago, thank you so much. It's a bit easier than Ithought and yes, I have done it back to front on many occasions. Tyvm again.


StewieStagon 6/6/14

Sorry guys made a pretty big mistake on that last hand with not giving villain only heart combos :O :( We are pretty much flipping v that range butttt he is folding like SC. A better line than getting it in btw is to call his x/r, try and dodge OTT then x/r big to get it in. Then he messes up by getting it in w/FD or folds a lot of equity for a lot of money :D if there is a heart OTT then it kinda sucks and we just have to evaluate what he does. Probably x/c x/f if it goes x/x DON\'T try to turn our hand into a bluff :\') he aint folding a set adn can be slow playing ofc :)


Viperon 4/6/14

Very interesting example the one of AK in a board where you have nut flush draw and top pair top kicker. I would usually mechanically Cbet there. So it\'s a great example to apply so as to get more value from the hand.


PokGodon 3/6/14

Nice ! Like the way you explain with Pokerstove, Think I gonna implement it when I rewiew my session to practice giving a range of hands to opponents


Patuxzon 2/6/14

Nice video, covered up every possibly scenario.
Board reading skills, very essential in this game. Liked the part where you more value from AK from JJ.

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