PokerStars 50nl Zoom Training: Part 1

7,021 Views on 8/12/16

Poker player, coach and Twitch star Iain Salter joins the PokerVIP coaching team to bring you free training videos playing in some of the toughest games online. This video highlights 2 tables of 50nl Zoom played on PokerStars.

Iain uses a HUD throughout to help him identify player types, ranges and post flop tendencies whilst also using his years of poker experience to make even the most difficult of spots look simple!

Check out more about Iain here  & Follow his Twitch channel here



I have been playing NLHE cash games for 9 years and in 2014 I made the decision to leave full-time employment to pursue a career in poker. Since 2014 I have visited 13 countries and enjoyed living in Thailand, Mexico, Peru and Guatemala.My ... Read More

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