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Iain Salter

I have been playing NLHE cash games for 9 years and in 2014 I made the decision to leave full-time employment to pursue a career in poker. Since 2014 I have visited 13 countries and enjoyed living in Thailand, Mexico, Peru and Guatemala.

My approach to poker is game theory orientated with strong exploitative adjustments. I utilize Holdem Manager and population reads in combination with game selection and smart study to continue to profit in today’s tough environment.

I offer micro/small stakes private coaching at competitive rates, focusing on theory concepts and exploitative adjustments that can transform your strategy to win in today’s games. Contact me for a free stats review and analysis.

Aside from poker, my passions in life are travel and fitness. I am currently completing a bankroll challenge over on my Twitch channel whilst simultaneously working on my health and fitness to train towards a long-term goal of travel around the world and high altitude mountaineering.

Come and hang out on Twitch and follow the challenge!

Twitch - $1000-$50,000 Bankroll Challenge

Contact Details

SKYPE: iain.salter3

For more coaching information and to follow my journey please visit my website.


5/5 (3 Reviews)

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Hi LecrystalQC if you are interested in coaching you can add me on Skype: iain.salter3

on 11/12/16




Hi, it makes almost 10 years i play poker. I had some leaks on my game. I take the full package of 7 Hours with Iain. I was playing too much tight predlop. My HUD was only useful for basic statistic. He gave me a personnalise HUD and teach me how to use it properly. I had no idea what means a blocker and i'm sure that 80% of you don't know what it means but if you are curious take lessons with Iain. I didn't know when to bluff. I had a poor preflop strategy. My game in 3bet pot was weak, my post flop strategy had leaks. I knew I had leaks on my game before I take poker lesson with Iain.. After the 7 Hours of coaching with Iain, i know how to improve my game to the next level and Reach the NL100. You can check on which package could be useful for you. I really like my experience, i recommanded Iain to everybody who wants to improve his game.

on 10/12/16




I won a free 1 coaching session with Ian and I immediately wanted him as a coach. He analysed my stats and quickly found lots of leaks in my game, so I bought a couple of more sessions. He shared his approach on how to basically destroy the micros. I really enjoyed the fact that he used PIO solver to show me how to play common spots and then how to adjust this strategy to the microstakes to exploit common population leaks. He also analysed 1 hour of my play and picked up more leaks, as well as some hand history review to explain theory behind common spots I struggled with. My play quickly improved and now I exploit players @16 and 25nl instead of always playing a default strategy. Overall, I am glad he coached me and would recommend him to anyone who is struggling at the micros. He is a really cool guy and is always available on sykpe to answer any question regarding hands even though our sessions are over.

on 10/12/16

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