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Reverse implied odds

Refers to our ability to lose money once we’ve hit a hand like a low set, low flush, low end straight, or top pair decent kicker. The idea behind reverse implied odds is the fact that the weaker end of some strong hands like bottom set, 5 high flushes, and low end straights can lead to the loss of money to higher versions of these made hands. Since most players are unable to these hands, they will lose a lot of money (usually the whole stack) to a better made hand.

A common example of reverse implied odds is a player drawing with a low flush draw.
Stakes: $0.25/$0.50
Board Kh5h2c
Pot: $3
Player A: 7h6h
Player B: AhTh
Player A bets $2, Player B raises to $6
In this situation, Player A has the decision to call, raise, or fold. Player A might be tempted to see another card to hit his low flush draw. However, the decision to draw may cost Player A a lot of money since higher flush draws such as the above are in Player B's range. If both players hit the flush, Player A will be forced to put his whole stack in the middle with absolutely no outs.

Therefore, players should realize the value of the draw and recognize that they could be drawing to the second best hand with much money on the line.

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