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The New Age Of Gambling Has Begun

5,149 Views on 11/5/18

RA Entertainment Inc. examined the global gambling events and compiled a list of the most significant shifts that will progress in the near future.

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RA Entertainment Inc. examined the global gambling events and compiled a list of the most significant shifts that will progress in the near future. 

Consolidation For Operators

The gambling industry is a highly prospective segment of the world economy. In 2017 the gross win of the global gambling market was estimated at about 465 billion U.S. dollars. However, gambling operators are still on their way to consolidation through merger and acquisition deals — fewer companies owning more casinos. Or at least they will resort to diverse forms of collaboration. For some it is a strategic decision, for others it is the only way to overcome the stiff competition. Smart acquisition and appropriate investment may boost superior revenue. But at the same time, some blossoming casino hotspots perform almost too well, and a high level of interest from foreign and local investors creates a risk of overheating.

To avoid an “oversupply” scenario, which usually turns into a deep recession, shrewd investors follow the investment diversification strategy and seek out undeveloped, underestimated, or entirely new promising properties, localities and business models.

Total Gamification

Gamification is a clearly stable trend in gambling. The techniques are efficient for learning new things and forming new habits in an unconstrained atmosphere. What can be more important for permanent technological progress? The concept applies  the use of game-driven interaction and game thinking to engage gamblers in the process of solving marketing tasks. Gamification provides diverse loyalty programs with missions, competitions, flexible discount systems, bonuses, and reward achievements. They motivate gamblers to be more active and positive, and a happy client is a returning client!

Taking into consideration all these trends and shifts, RA Entertainment Inc. created RAcoin. RAcoin is a universal utility token powered by Ethereum smart contracts and designed according to specific gambling demands. It will be launched as an alternative and extremely profitable method of payment for all goods and services different casinos and hotels that will collaborate with RA Entertainment Inc.

Currency RA Entertainment Inc. is running a public token sale, which will run from 28 Apriil until 28 May 2018. The company has also made a splash on the ICO market in March 2018, raising almost $10 million during the pre-sale. Nowadays, RA Entertainment Inc. plans to attract the best companies and businessmen to upgrade the gambling industry forever!

The company has already reached its soft cap, 2,000,000,000 RAC, which amounts to 20 000 ETH! The next goal is reaching the hard cap of the token sale and becoming a leader in the world of gambling.

Gambling Extension

The last several years were headlined by skyrocket growth within the iGambling segment, yet online gambling has not devastated the traditional brick-and-mortar casino revenue. Quite the opposite, according to the latest research, it stimulates the activity of land-based casinos and their revenue increases. Many jurisdictions massively review their laws for amendments on gambling, providing excellent opportunities for operators and investors to launch a casino enterprise in a new place.

In RA Entertainment Inc’s case, an online platform with casino and sports betting is a good start to test the emerging business environment.

Gambling Bets On Blockchain

The industry does not avoid innovations but there has always been a missing piece that kept it conservative. Even online gambling was only a minor breakthrough. It has simplified participation and inserted a new kind of user experience, but it still lacks transparency and privacy. Ordinary gamers never can be sure that the algorithms function properly. For this reason, blockchain technology seems to be an utterly natural fit for both land-based and virtual gambling.

The principle of decentralization and distributed ledger technology makes blockchain inherently resistant to any modification of data, ensuring that the final results of gambling games are absolutely random.

New Payment Options

Cryptocurrencies powered by blockchain have become extra popular across the industry. They have obvious advantages: anonymity, transparency, convenience, and minimum fees. The crypto economy caused significant shifts all over the world and casino developers strive to add more digital currencies in order to bring new players and keep current users cashing in and out. But do they really meet all the needs of their customers? Firstly, revolutions don’t happen overnight. Companies that try to build casinos entirely based on blockchain, end up detering many people who still aren’t ready for rapid innovations. Secondly, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies can’t solve specific gambling issues.

In a perfect world, there would be a universal utility token that successfully meets all the needs of both online and offline tiers of modern gambling. Do we have one?

Read more about advantages of RAcoin on our website.


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