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Best Poker Apps

3,609 Views on 14/4/21

Poker apps are where online poker is heading in the future

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Poker apps are where online poker is heading in the future. The days of the image of a teenager sitting grinding in his parent’s basement alone for the whole day are mostly gone. Recreational poker players today want to be able to grab some action while they’re on the move. That could be in a taxi, on the subway, in all manner of outdoor places.

The online poker providers have had to work fast to keep up with the demands of the new players coming into the game. Sometimes the technology wasn’t quite up to scratch, but over the last couple of years much has changed. Finally, just about every online poker platform nowadays has a mobile gaming interface that is up to the job.

Here’s our review of some of the more notable online poker apps around today.


PPPoker is a mobile gaming platform with a fast-growing customer base. Created as a social gaming app it doesn’t provide a real money poker service. For that, players must join a club through their affiliate where the play chips are given real value in order to be exchanged later on.

This system of agents has allowed PPPoker to offer its service to residents of any country in the world. The issue of spreading real money games lies squarely at the feet of the agent.

Software: The tables appear on the screen in a vertical display, with a maximum of three allowed at any one time. The app is available for PC, iOS, and Android.

No HUDs are allowed but there are some in-built statistics available within the client.

Games: There is a wide range of games available on PPPoker. The usual NL hold’em—normal and short deck— and PLO with four, five, and six holecards! Both up to $2,000 stakes. Open Face Chinese poker runs up to $20 per point.

MTTs and SnGs run regularly with satellites occasionally running for live poker series.


PokerMaster is an Asia-focussed poker app that offers access to private real money clubs. Mostly aimed at the Chinese market, PokerMaster spreads games that are reputed to be among the softest in the world for their stakes.

Traffic figures are growing month-by-month and now 100-200 tables can be found active at any one time.

Software: The app was designed to run on a mobile device but emulators allow its use on a desktop PC. The graphics give a visual experience that can rival any competitor.

Fans of HUDs will be happy to see that the next-gen Hand2Note package is compatible. This database software is the world leader for in-depth analysis currently.

Games: The games all run in Chinese currency at a wide range of stakes—CNY 2/4 ($0.25/$0.50) to CNY 300/600 ($50/$100). Only NL hold’em and PLO are available.

Pokerrr 2

The Pokerrr 2 app was breaking new ground when it released back in 2014, long before the poker app boom started. Unfortunately, they haven’t put that experience to the best use, but they are still going and still provide some decent games, even if they didn’t corner the market like they had the chance to.

Everything is based around players joining clubs where an agent will convert the play chips into money.

Software: The Pokerrr 2 software runs on both iOS and Android but not a desktop computer. The visuals aim at providing an experience as close to live poker as possible. Players need to “peek” at their cards to see what they are holding and chips must be “thrown” into the centre of the table to make a bet or raise or call. Only one table can be played at any one time.

Games: Although most tables are running NL hold’em and PLO there is still a nice selection of the more offbeat variants.

  • NL hold'em
  • PLO
  • PL Omaha Hi-Lo
  • 5 Card PLO
  • 5 Card PLO Hi-Lo
  • Short Deck NL hold’em
  • OFC Regular
  • OFC Progressive
  • OFC Joker


Mark Patrickson

Mark Patrickson is a professional cash game player grinding stakes up to 100nl 6 Max NL Hold'em13 years experience of poker, across MTT SnG and cash, FL PL NL.Currently living in South East Asia and trying to make it back to mid-stakes befo ... Read More


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