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Bitcoin Casino with Live Games

1,552 Views on 6/7/21

Nowadays live games and bitcoin are the mainstream of modern gambling

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A couple of years ago, live bitcoin casino games were just a bunch of words, and most players didn't even know their meanings, but nowadays live games and bitcoin are the mainstream of modern gambling. These changes were felt by all our readers, perhaps you haven't made deposits in bitcoins, but everyone tried live poker, or at least wanted to try. If you’re interested in how these changes have happened and everything became upside down, then this article is for you.

Bitcoin casino and live games history

At the end of the 20th century, the development of the worldwide information network and the establishment of its accessibility for the average players did their job. Gambling, as a demanding industry, has settled in the digital space. Virtual casino has created an alternative development branch for gambling, with big bonuses and free games. No one land-based casino won't allow you to play for free, but in an online casino, it is possible.

Thanks to this innovation, players flooded into online gambling and filled virtual gambling halls, and such actions from the gamblers are quite predictable. Let us remind you that before the online gambling development there was no option to play poker for free. In the best case, you were able to play with friends, but let's be honest, the game with friends can't be induced as a professional poker game, plus not everybody has friends who know how to play. Thanks to this simple and significant advantage, online casinos succeeded to compare with land-based casinos and become an integral part of gambling in general.

With time and increasing popularity, the disadvantages of online games began to show up. Namely, the main disadvantages are the restricted deposit options and the lack of the possibility of playing with a real person. Bitcoin casinos and games with a live dealer became the solution to these problems, so let's take a look at them in detail.

Bitcoin casino

Let's start with a bitcoin casino. This type of modern gambling originated at the same time as the first popularity of bitcoin, close to 2013-2014. The main difference between bitcoin casinos and online casinos is obvious, it is a payment method. All gambling games, including poker, are linked to money, even if you play for free, sooner or later you will try to make a real bet, which means that payment options are important. So what bitcoin can give ​you comparably to other currencies?

Anonymity. Most people, especially poker players, prefer to stay in the "shadow" while playing. No one likes unnecessary questions, as well as extra attention from the public, that always had a negative attitude towards gambling. Bitcoin provides complete anonymity both during transactions and during the storage of currency (at your bitcoin wallet). Bitcoin cannot be tracked or checked by the government, moreover, in many countries of the world, it is still not recognized as a currency, which means it is not taxed.

Fastest payouts. All transactions in bitcoins (making a deposit, betting in games, withdrawing funds) are processed as quickly as possible.

No restrictions. Payments with cryptocurrencies have no restrictions when transferring funds between countries.

Low fees. Low transaction fees are perhaps the most interesting benefit of bitcoin. In the bank, the commission for a transaction exposed by the bank and you cannot influence it in any way, transactions with cryptocurrency are absolutely another thing. When you create a transaction request, you enter the free miner market. Since the market is free, control of fees prices is impossible and they cannot rise just like that.

From the above, two conclusions can be drawn:

  • Bitcoin casinos are beneficial not only for players but also for owners;
  • Bitcoin casinos are especially useful for countries where online gambling is prohibited as for example in the USA.

USA bitcoin casinos

In the United States, only sports betting is officially allowed online, but you can play USA bitcoin casinos without any problem. By the way, the US gambling market is one of the biggest in the world and there are a lot of casino brands as a result American players have a great opportunity to play. This factor establishes hard competition, which forces the bitcoin casinos to create the most loyal conditions for attracting new players.

USA bitcoin casino bonuses

American casinos have a lot of ways to get the attention of new customers, but the most popular of them is, of course, bonuses. Bonuses are gifts that can be obtained for completing a specific action. More often, these are game currency, real money, or free spins. For convenience, bonuses are divided into two types - no deposit and deposit. No deposit bonuses can be obtained for performing a certain action, for example, for verifying an account by phone number or sharing a bitcoin casino advertising on your social page. To quickly find the best bonuses available on a certain day, for example, today, it is better to use the gambling calendar. If we talk about deposit bonuses, all payments are tied to the account replenishment, and their size directly depends on the deposit amount.

Often, American bitcoin casinos do it in the following ways:

  • creation of unique bonuses available only for American players;
  • signing famous persons to promote their brand;
  • creating unique casino games special for the USA gambling market.

Live games at bitcoin casinos USA

Live games arose later than bitcoin casinos US but became a great addition to it. Games with a live dealer solve the second problematic issue of online casinos - the inability to play with a real person. Moreover, playing live games in bitcoin casinos USA is the same as being a VIP client in a land-based casino, since you will play with your personal dealer. But the work of a croupier in a live bitcoin casino has some specific features.

In real casinos, dealers carry out all operations on the table. They conduct the game process, determine the winners and losers, calculate the payouts themselves and give the won chips to the clients. A dealer in a live casino is relieved of several responsibilities. For example, in live poker, the croupier only needs to lay out the cards and name the winning combinations. The system itself calculates who won, who needs to be paid, and how much.

Bitcoin casinos with live dealers have a more relaxed atmosphere. The dealer does not need to be as focused as possible. They can afford to freely communicate with virtual visitors and vividly comment on everything that happens at the table, this is of course another advantage of this type of game.

So as you can see live bitcoin casino games including poker are one of the best choices to play. As a result, their popularity grows instantly, and bitcoin casinos react to this demand and create more and more. There are bitcoin casinos with the number of live games available below:

USA Bitcoin casinos with live games

USA Bitcoin casino

Casino live games

Play Amo




Fortune Jack






What games you can play with live dealers

There is a list of games you can play at USA Bitcoin casinos besides poker, below:

BTC Roulette

Roulette refers to a type of gambling game, the outcome of which depends entirely on chance. There are rumors that professional casino dealers can get into the "pocket" with almost 90% probability. Therefore, it is recommended to play in those USA bitcoin casinos where bets are accepted after the ball is launched on the roulette wheel.

Bitcoin slots

Bitcoin slots are an exception from all other casino games. The slots game was created a long time ago, and despite the fact that they have already survived the era of offline and online and reached the cryptocurrencies times, the game itself has practically not changed. But millions of fans around the world are still spinning reels, online and offline in old gambling halls. Finding the best bitcoin slots today is easy since almost all of them have a demo mode. That means you can test it for free.

BTC Baccarat

With the emergence of online casinos, software developers have tried to transfer into the online space as many popular gambling games as possible. Baccarat was one of the first that had got on this list. This game is distinguished by simple rules and a dynamic process. In some versions, 2 distributions are made in one minute with the payment of winnings.

Monopoly Live

MONOPOLY Life is a unique live online version of the incredibly popular board game Monopoly. The purpose of the main game is simple. The host of the live game spins a large wheel, and the players guess which segment of the wheel will stop.

In addition to the ability to bet on which sector will fall out, the wheel has “CHANCE” segments, which give out instant money wins and multipliers, as well as “2 ROLLS” and “4 ROLLS” sectors. These last two segments activate a captivating augmented reality, 3D bonus game built around the adventures of Mr. Monopoly.

Bitcoin Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game with simple rules between the player and the dealer. Every gambler plays separately against the dealer. Blackjack is considered to be the most popular table game in bitcoin casinos around the world. The advantage of gambling websites in blackjack is minimal, at only about half a percent, which makes this game the most profitable for players, even compared to poker.


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