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Top 3 Facts About Casinos That You Might Not Know

544 Views on 17/8/22

There are always new things to learn, especially in an exciting business such as the gambling industry

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Do you love playing casino games? Then you probably know a lot regarding the industry and the venue you play at. Still, there are always new things to learn, especially in an exciting business such as the gambling industry. The best online casinos that payout big bucks bring a lot of innovation to the games, so it is worth keeping up with the trends.
With that in mind, here are the top three facts about casinos that you might not know.

1. All Casinos Are Designed Following Specific Criteria

If you’ve ever visited a real land-based casino, you might’ve noticed that casinos don’t have any windows or clocks. So, why is this the case? Both of these will show you the passage of time and tell you approximately how long you’ve been playing.

Of course, casinos don’t want this. They want to keep players focused solely on the games and eliminate all possible distractions.

This isn’t always true regarding the windows part since some casinos do have windows. But, they are always opaque and tinted so that you can’t see anything happening in the outside world.

Moreover, the interior design of the casinos is also carefully thought about. It always aims to provide the most luxurious feeling, with colorful carpets, magnificent chandeliers, and masterpieces on every corner. Not only this, but each casino has its distinct smell. This is by no accident, as it’s purposely thought of to associate the visitors with the feeling of playing in the venue.

Lastly, when discussing the design features, it’s interesting to note that casinos are designed similar to mazes. This is especially noticeable when you’re in a gaming room. Once you’re in, you have to walk through endless rows of machines and games, so there’s always a chance something will grab your attention, and you’ll spend more money.

2. Land-Based Casinos Are Often Heavily Subsidised

Casinos around the globe are often heavily financially supported by the government. This is especially the case in the US. While it might not make sense at first glance, it’s perfectly understandable from a governmental perspective. Casinos bring in vast amounts of money to the government through taxes. They also attract many tourists, effectively boosting the local economy of the city they’re based in.

To ensure this cooperation goes well in the long run, the government often tailors special deals for casinos and offers them different subsidies or more favorable land-lease deals. Again, this is particularly noticeable in the US. Many US States award gambling licenses for free and meticulously control which and how many casinos they will allow to operate on their territory.

In return, casinos are not exempt from paying very high tax rates. In tourist destinations like Las Vegas, casinos must pay taxes topping thirty percent. In comparison, other businesses in the same area only have to pay five or six percent for the most part.

Speaking of the US, it has a specific gambling landscape that features both tribal native American casinos and casinos owned by business people and corporations. In most cases, tribal casinos are exempt from paying any fees or even from paying taxes. They only pay minor federal payments, and the US federal government has principal jurisdiction over them.

3. Everyone’s (Not) A Winner

The bright and shining casino lights can be mesmerizing and hard to resist. The sheer aura they breathe with promises you a gateway to a more glamorous and rich lifestyle. However, while casinos want you to think that every player has an equal chance of walking out with a bunch of cash, this is far from the truth. We’ve chosen this as our third fact because many casino players are unfortunately unaware of it.

To put it simply, the casino industry is a business. The house is in it to make money and will always stay profitable in the long run. While some players may record life-changing wins, the harsh truth is that most casino players leave the venue with less money than they’ve walked in with.

Coincidentally, some of the most entertaining and simplest casino games are those that bring the house the most money. Over three-quarters of a casino’s profit comes from slot machines. More importantly, the casino's biggest breadwinner is the small-time slots, those you can play for five, ten, or twenty-five cents. When everything adds up, the math is simply not on your side.

Of course, if you’re going to the casino to have fun and enjoy yourself and don’t mind leaving some extra cash in the venue, we wish you a great time! Pick the casino games you love playing, set a gambling bankroll, maybe even make some interesting bets, and always quit while you’re ahead.


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