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Top 5 Gambling Screw Ups

4,904 Views on 29/6/21

Here’s five of the most painful gambling screw ups that we could find

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Anyone who has gambled on a regular basis will appreciate how painful it can be to screw up. From taking on a bet that you never should have gone near to clicking on the wrong button on the computer: we’ve all done it at one time or another. It’s as easy as searching for free spins casino no deposit.

Here’s five of the most painful gambling screw ups that we could find.

#1 Male Breast Implants

Brian “The Wiz” Zembic broke the mold for prop bets back in 1996 when he made a wager with the downside being he had to get breast implants and keep them for a whole year. The story got weirder after the year was up because Zembic decided he liked his new 38c chest so much that he would keep them installed after all.

#2 Esfandiari Seeking Enlightenment

Antonio Esfandiari once bet Bill Perkins half a million dollars that he could abstain from any kind of sexual release for a year. Within a week he was begging for mercy from the oil and gas trader, asking to pay a penalty buyout so he could get back on with his life. He later said that Perkins was shrewd in allowing him to back out because he would have won the bet if forced to compete the whole year.

#3 Not Such Thing as a Sure Thing

This amusing story of a British student’s attempt to cash in on a sure thing while he was watching an African Nations football match between Angola and Mali. With only 11 minutes of play remaining Angola were four goals to the good and in full control.

The student saw that he could collect a few quid from the seemingly sure thing and banged on his entire student loan for Angola to finish the job. Imagine his horror when Mali put in the performance of a lifetime and clawed the score back to 4-4 leaving the poor student wondering how he was going to feed himself for the next term.

#4 Adrian “Jackpot” Lewis

The soon to be two-time world darts champion was playing in the 2005 Las Vegas Desert Classic tournament while he was still under 21-years-old and not allowed to gamble in the casino. Somehow, Lewis managed to find his way onto the gaming floor to have a go on the one-armed bandits and won the $72,000 jackpot within a few pulls. Ecstasy turned to agony when he was caught trying to say that somebody else had used the machine and lost every cent of his prize,being told he was lucky not to get prosecuted for underage gambling.

#5 Terrance Watanabe Trying it on

Terrance Watanabe is an American businessman who can’t stay away from the casinos. So much, in fact, that he has lost more than $220 million with $120 million in a single year in Las Vegas. You don’t get that much money by not being at least a little bit shrewd, so he decided to take Caesars Palace to court to accuse them of exploiting him by giving him too much free alcohol along with painkillers.

Watanabe was laughed out of the courtroom when it transpired that he was already banned from the Wynn Casino for repeatedly turning up drunk and misbehaving in an inappropriate way towards young female staff.


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