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Maximize Your Poker Earnings

Top 5 Poker Games That You Can Play Within 5 Minutes

1,508 Views on 29/4/20

These games are also amazing because they are the type that everybody can enjoy, no matter their skill level

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Are you a poker lover who needs to enjoy more poker to spice up your life?

There may be situations where you don’t have the time to get involved in a full poker game. It may be at the office, or to ease off in between a meeting or a lecture. In this case, there are some other exciting and action filled poker games that you can still engage in within the little time. The most popular among these short duration poker games is probably the Chinese Poker. 

However, when you do not have time at your hands, this could prove to be too long for you. So many players have now turned to the shorter version of poker games, offered by sites you can find like CSGO Book where you can make smaller deposits but still play larger hands.

But the fact is that we’ve experienced many poker games that you can complete within 30 seconds and still enjoy the fun and entertainment you crave.

These games are also amazing because they are the type that everybody can enjoy, no matter their skill level, because little or no skill is needed to play them. Through these, learners can easily come to terms with the intrigues of the basic poker hands and also develop the needed competitive spirit. Through this, people who have never thought about playing real money or actual poker may be pushed into considering that.

Betting is actually eliminated from these games and you can get all in on each hand. The best way to start here is with $1 a game, and to monitor the results to know the outcome.

These games keep advancing, even when they do not come with serious and swift rules. They may be games you already know about, though with different names. We’ve succeeded in gathering our favorite among them, and we implore you to also name the ones you prefer below the article. However, to be able to play these, you must have learnt the basic poker hand rankings.

Top 5 Fast and Entertaining Poker Games to Enjoy

1.Blind Hold’em

This is the most common poker hand rankings gambling game out here.

When the game starts, every player gets two ‘face down cards’ and a five card board could be dealt out.

Hands are revealed.

The best poker hand wins.

Choosing the best time to reveal hands is the most interesting part of the whole thing here. Meanwhile, it will involve bigger risks to do this after the flop.

You can choose to reveal the hands one on the turn and one on the flop.

Though you repeat a lot of things here, it is very exciting.

2.Blind Omaha

This is similar to the Blind Hold’em, but the intrigue is increased because four cards are involved. Here, you only see the card when you reveal it.

The process of play goes like this;

Two of the four cards must be used.

Every player gets four ‘face down cards’ that they can’t look at.

The flop is given.

Two cards are revealed by each player.

The turn happens.

Each player reveals two cards.

The river takes place.

Two final cards are revealed by each player.

The game is won by the best Omaha Hand.

3.Estonian Twist

This comes with an extra strategy that makes it even more exciting, and that keeps people craving for it.

Players are dealt three ‘face down cards,’ but they are allowed to look at it.

The flop is dealt.

Each player throws one of their cards to the player sitting by their left.

One card is thrown into the muck by each player, and they are now with two cards each.

The turn happens.

The river comes.

Game is won by the best hand.

4.Crazy Dutchy

This is an increase in the action witnessed in the Estonian twitch. When you go Crazy Dutchy, you will encounter three different boards.

Every player is dealt three ‘face down cards’ that only the holders can look at.

The table is covered with three flops.

Each player gives one card to the player by their left.

One card is thrown away by each player, leaving them with only two.

Three turns are dealt.

Three rivers are dealt.

The player with two boards or more wins the game.

If all three boards are worn by one payer, it’s a scoop, and their winning prize would be a x2 of the standard bet.

5.Slovak Double Barrel

This is for those with a strong mind. There is a great gamble feature in the game where you have the chance to throw bad cards away if you land them.

Players are dealt two ‘face down’ and two ‘face up’ cards each.

Each player can muck one of their ‘face up cards’ and replace it with a ‘face down card,’ revealing what they received to other players.

They deal the flop.

Players are allowed to trade ‘one face up’ card with a ‘face down card’ once again.

Every hand is revealed.

Turn happens.

River happens.

The best hand wins.

These are so simple. In fact, within a few minutes, you would have completed many poker game sessions with them.


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