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Video Poker: A Game Of Luck Or A Game Of Skill?

3,797 Views on 22/11/21

While a lot of people may think that poker is a game of luck, it’s also a game of skill

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While a lot of people may think that poker is a game of luck, it’s also a game of skill. In fact, when playing in the long run, it’s 100% skill while luck comes with short term play.

Professional poker players make superior decisions based on math, which gains them the edge in poker. What about video poker? Does it give you the same chance to win with your skills?

Can I Win With Skills at Video Poker?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, because video poker is based on conventional poker so you can use some basic strategies to gain a bit of an edge. If you know how to play the cards dealt and build a winning hand, your skills can help. However, video poker is based on slot machines and they’re random, so you don’t have control over outcomes. Any game-winning is more based on luck than your skill.

You need to use an optimal strategy that gives you a better chance of winning when playing video poker. If you use a strategy properly, you can technically reduce the house edge and the game can work in your favor, giving you an advantage to win the game.

Knowing the rules of any video poker game you’re playing can help as well. Check out the pay table any given titles offers so you can see what returns are possible. Some believe that playing the right game is a skill in itself.

Using Your Strategy to Win at Video Poker

You can use some skills you’ve honed from traditional poker to improve your chances of winning. If you get your strategy down, you can lower the house and get a high RTP with some games out there.

If you’re new to video poker, you may want to practice a bit and get a feel for it by signing up at an online casino or video poker site that offers you a match deposit welcome bonus when you register. Click here to find out more: www.bovada.lv/casino/video-poker

This allows you to play for free while honing your skills. When the bonus money is gone, try your luck with minimum betting on video poker.

What is the Best Strategy for Playing Video Poker?

There are some strategies when it comes to video poker, but they are different from conventional poker. Play within your means is the number one rule, which applies to any type of poker you’re playing. With that said, you should play the maximum bet to qualify for any progressive jackpots.

Wild-card games have a reduced payout when you’re wagering large amounts and we’ve found that “Jack or Better” generally has better outcomes for big hands. The progressive payouts can increase profitability while at the same time reducing house edge.

Compare Video Poker Games

While you may not be able to utilize your mathametical skills on video poker, there are other ways to get the best outcome. One of these ways is to compare the titles of video poker. They have varying minimum/maximum payouts and RTP (return to player percentages). An average game is going to have an RTP of 95% or more.

What this means is that when you play the game long term, you can potentially win back $95 of every $100 you wager. There is no guarantee but when you play a game with a higher RTP, your chances of winning are greater.

Video Poker is Random

As you’re playing against the machine, video poker is random just like slots are. They use a random number generator (RNG). The RNG shuffles the deck until you press the “Deal” button. Cards are then dealt to you and the machine will favor the house.

Hold On To Your Low Pair

A video poker strategy includes holding onto a low pair as they are nearly always more valuable than high cards. When you hold a Jack or higher, you’re going to win more hands. The payoffs are larger than average as well. You are going to win more money if you hold low pairs.

Can You Use the Usual Poker Skills?

Winning at poker is about being consistent and this doesn’t really apply with video poker. In fact, you may get flagged for unethical game play by trying. You can’t bluff because you’re not playing against other players so there’s no reading opponents.

With poker, you can’t fight math but with video poker, these skills aren’t as necessary and won’t really help. While conventional poker is a game of skill when playing for a long time, online casinos that have video poker don’t want you playing for hours.

Final Thoughts

Video poker is totally different to traditional poker when it comes to strategy and skill. It is much more a game of luck based on randomness than anything else. Your mathematical skills and bluffing skills won’t help you much. That being said, it doesn’t mean you won’t win as you might just have luck on your side.

The bottom line in poker is that if you keep consistently applying your statistical edge and skill advantage, you will profit in the end. Where you take it from there is entirely up to you.


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