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What is the Future of Online Gambling in the USA?

921 Views on 21/4/21

The iGaming industry is continuing to grow across the globe – but what about the USA? Click here to find out about the future of online gambling in America.

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The recent explosion of the iGaming industry has meant that there are millions of casino and betting sites available online. Many individuals love engaging with online gambling sites because it serves as a great way to enjoy thrilling games from the comfort of their own homes. With that being said, they still expect the same great quality that is apparent in land-based casinos. This is why online gambling is becoming more popular as each year passes by and more iGaming providers are receiving licences to operate across the globe.

The United States of America is one place where online gambling is still largely restricted, and it hasn’t been until very recently where some states have received the green light to play. Let’s delve into this more!

The current state of online gaming

At the moment, online gambling is not legal in all American states. Online gambling is very controversial as it allows players to play whenever they like at their convenience. While this is good for the player, this enforces the narrative that restrictions need to be put in place to save any issues from developing in terms of addiction. With that being said, legal betting on various online platforms is becoming more and more common across the USA.

Some of the states that currently hold a licence for online betting include Arkansas, Colorado, New York and Michigan. Michigan has only very recently received the go-ahead to start online casino operation. In January 2021, PokerStars was the first online poker room to launch in Michigan. It is useful to remember that various games are permitted in different states. For example, Michigan is only the fifth US state to offer legal regulated poker games online.

Why online?

When UK residents look for the best online poker sites UK, it isn’t hard to find an endless list of some of the most exciting and well-developed casino sites currently on the market. For American residents, this is more difficult as only some states permit online poker games. Therefore, gaming platform providers seek to provide the best games available for players across various states. As well as this, each provider must receive a licence to operate in the state, so there are a lot of hurdles before they can begin operating. In Michigan, some of the operators that have recently been permitted to operate include BetMGM, Wynn and FanDuel.

As previously mentioned, people enjoy playing online casino games because they get to do so from the comfort of their own home. What makes the experience even better is that the online sites have been fully optimised to work on mobile devices, either through accessible apps or browsers. As well as this, operators tend to develop online sites as they have a lower operational cost than land-based casinos. Moreover, they enjoy bringing the real experience to the homes of people who cannot access land-based casinos.

Future expectations

When it comes to the future of online gambling, there are going to be various expectations across providers, players and policy advisors. As the iGaming industry is continuously growing, we can expect online casino and betting providers to demand access to more US states. For players, it isn’t difficult to see the high demand for ease in state restrictions. With this, it is up to state policy advisors to decide what is the best practice for players. They have to consider the extent of gambling ability for state residents and the potential issues this may bring.

Final thoughts

As time passes, we are seeing new news pieces pop up to tell us that online gambling has been approved in another US state. Whilst this is great for providers and players, we can’t forget about the difficulty surrounding obtaining a licence to operate. Overall, the prospects for the future of online gambling are high and show no signs of slowing anytime soon.


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