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What Personal Qualities Do You Need to Become a Great Poker Player?

1,852 Views on 23/2/22

What personal qualities do poker players need and, more importantly, can they be taught?

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When we think about poker players, we often picture fearless risk-takers who know how to bluff. We see people sitting around a table in a dark, smoky room, eyeing each other as they prepare for their next move. But what personal qualities do poker players need and, more importantly, can they be taught? Let’s look at the most common one.

Some are up for a challenge; others are fearful of change. We all have our own unique traits, but the good news is that psychologists believe we change over time. For with age comes wisdom, calmness, and better self-control. This indicates that, for the most part, new personal traits can be acquired.

The ability to keep calm under pressure

It’s rare for poker players to shout and laugh out loud– at least during a tense tournament. Giving away too much emotion can be damaging to their strategy and give them away and you are more likely to find poker players quiet.

This is because they know how to keep calm under pressure. To see for yourself, you can try a live casino game online on: https://www.pacasino.com/games/poker. The calmness and serenity of poker players is also an excellent guard against other players’ ability to make counter moves against you. Never reveal whether you have a good or a bad hand. That will only throw victory into the gutter.

An adventurous spirit

While it’s not impossible, becoming an adventurer is harder if you are not born with a natural thirst for experiencing new things. To acquire this trait later in life, you need to test yourself. Start out by doing something new, whether that’s an unfamiliar activity or an online poker tournament, and if you keep doing it and keep finding it uncomfortable, then it could be a sign that you prefer familiarity. If you are a person that gravitates mostly towards the familiar, expanding your comfort zone can be quite a daunting task. Try and take everything in small steps as overreaching quickly can turn what could have been a great experience into a defeat.

Grit, grit, and more grit

Gritty people are passionate about their long-term goals and have the perseverance to keep pursuing them regardless of their setbacks. They are persistent and long-sighted, which is crucial if you want to master poker - it’s also a skill that can be learned over time. To kick start your ‘gritty’ mission, you can watch coaching videos to learn new poker skills. Remember, for every setback you face, you learn something new on your journey towards your goal. Sometimes failing can be more valuable than succeeding.


Some believe we are either born curious or not, others point out that we can learn to embrace it, even later in life. So, what do you do if you want to be more curious? The journey is different for everyone. Some try to bring back their inner child by asking questions again, others employ mental strategies.


Poker is a game where failure is inevitable. As you embark on your poker journey there will be many losses and many moments where you find yourself on the verge of giving up after yet another failed strategy. Knowing how to cope with setbacks and get back up is therefore of utmost importance. Try and create good coping strategies for yourself, so you’re ready to try again at all times.


Knowing when to show restraint, even backing down, is vital for poker players who do not only risk losing games but also a lot of money. For this reason, you must be able to assess the situation and know when enough is enough. If you don’t, then the game you love could turn into a nightmare. Never wager more than you can afford to lose.


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