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Speed Poker

Fast Poker Tips - Do's and Don'ts

10,418 Views on 8/4/14

Some beginner tips on how to play the increasingly popular fast poker variant available online.

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Rush poker was launched in 2010 and has grabbed poker players attention. A game where you can play at least twice the hands per hour than regular games, always be in action and face multiple opponents constantly...this was too good to be true right? Well now everyone is doing it and almost every site has their own version;

FullTilt Poker: Rush

PokerStars: Zoom

BetVictor Poker: Blaze

PaddyPower PokerSpeed

PartyPoker: FastForward

This is becoming the new poker game which many players have moved solely to. Its just such a buzz and the action never stops. Its also great for rakeback grinders and for clearing bonuses quickly.

So everyone started playing Rush poker, Speed Poker and Zoom poker not knowing what the correct strategy was. Some players just folded until they got the nuts. However now basic strategy exists and there are certain lines we should and should not take.

I am ready to take my poker game to the next level!

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Here are a few tips on how to crush your opponents:

  • Do not just fold until you get a big hand. The game is still somewhat the same, yes players will react differently to your plays but most of the basics stay the same.
  • Don’t get into a habit of fast folding. Players get in a rhythm and end up folding premiums as they are just constantly clicking fold. Move your mouse away from the fold button, take a step back and view your hand before acting.
  • Don’t level yourself. If a hand looks strong and makes sense then play as you would in the normal games.
  • Don’t overplay your hands. Players are more likely to play strong vs you when they have it.
  • Don’t forget to open the button! Its still going to be your most profitable position. The blinds are still posted… BLIND. So carry on stealing them
  • Try and make notes. This is hard to do in speed poker so mark the hands and when reviewing them in your HEM/PT make notes then. Missing out on this information will cost you so much money long term.
  • Find the best site (Check PokerVIP Deals). Compare softwares, rakeback deals, bonuses, volume of players, hands per hour and most important how soft the games are. Find what suits you the most.
These tips should help you to start off. Remember this is still poker, don’t make your money easy to get and still try to develop your game and watch what the other players are doing.


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