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TAG Speed Poker Strategy: Opening Ranges

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Speed / Zoom Poker Opening Range TAG Strategy

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Speed Poker, Zoom Poker, Rush Poker - It's all the same new variant of poker taking over the online stratosphere. Some even predict that one day regular games will no longer exist online and that the majority of games will become a speed poker variant.

The speed poker games do play slightly different to regular games and they do attract a lot more recreational players as its fast, fun and quicker to sit down and get going.

Because it's fast and frantic, you'll have to adjust the hands that you play from certain positions in speed poker. This strategy article is intended to help get you on the right lines!

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Speed poker opening range strategy by position:

Under the Gun (UTG):
  • VPIP 11.8% + Open Sizing 4x

This range means we can never get into trouble. We have a strong opening range and when 4xing it we will get max value from villains calling and 3betting range. We will be in control of the pot and pre flop its easy to know which hands we fold, call 3bets vs or 5bet to get in. 

spead poker strategy UTG

Middle Position (MP)
  • VPIP 15% + Open Sizing 3.5x

Opening 3.5x with this solid range will build us pots with strong hands or hands that flop well which won’t be dominated. Again it will be easy to know which hands to call, fold, 3b and stack with.

speed poker strategy middle position

Cut-Off (CO)
  • VPIP 25.5% + Open Sizing 3x

Opening up a lot more in the cut off. Will stop us being 3bet as much but still allows us to steal plenty of blinds. Our hands can be dominated when called but more often than not our initiative will win the pot with a cbet. Our post flop play should be to cbet good flops for us but not being afraid to check back and give up on boards we have completely missed.

speed poker strategy cut-off

Button (BTN)
  • VPIP 42.15% + Open Sizing 2.5x

Opening 2.5x is a change from our usual 2x min raise. This sizing will make regs must less inclined to call and play back. Also the hands we open with all play well post flop so we won’t find ourselves getting into seriously tricky spots. We still steal tons of blinds by opening this range which will boost our profit line. Again do not be afraid to check back and give up on flops for us that give us no real hope such as 789ss when we have A2os.

Speed Poker Strategy Button

Use these guidelines to get started and then adjust to your opponents as you gain more information and knowledge on them!

I am ready to take my speed poker game to the next level!

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Jon PokerVIP

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feedmypokerbrainon 11/10/16

These ranges? Are for FR or 6 Max? Almost entering 2017 now, is it still up to date?


Cashswimmeron 19/4/16

I have to say I think the button range is a bit too tight to be profitable


DonJuanon 30/9/15

One stupid question: Its for 6max isnt it?


feedmypokerbrainon 11/10/16



Blackdot1on 4/9/15

Spot on Jon..have found this ranging is optimal for making money out of around 200k hands...agree 3x, minbet button strategy works well too...keep up the good work will crack this soon.


Jon-PokerVIPon 5/9/15

Thanks for those kind comments. Really glad these are working for you.


Jon-PokerVIPon 15/5/15

@ALDOW83: Thanks and glad to hear it is working out for you. 4x BvB is a tricky one and something i tried many years ago. I think we should actually stick to 3x and just be way more aware of the bb playing style. For example check his stats and 3b stat...if he is loose and 3bets a lot maybe just tighten up and then if hes a nit gogogo and open way more. I do 100% understand your 4x logic btw but this is maybe another twist on bvb play which you could try. LMK how it works out.


AldoW83on 11/4/15

HI Jon, just seen this article - this is great, and similar to what I do myself...made some adjustments in the last month that look a lot like this. I am very slightly tighter from UTG but not much. Also my sizing is 3x (plus 1 for limpers) from everywhere except form SB vs BB which I make 4x to give the BB worse odds to make a speculative call against me. I've also been playing back and 3-bet bluffing occasionally when I basically never did that before. That's been profitable as long as I keep it under control and don;t get too wild with it.


fawltyfelixon 2/8/15

Was having some thoughts on this and just wanted to voice as I am a 2NL - 5NL newb and would love to see where my mind is stacking up. Firstly, so you want to discourage people from calling light, which then means, potentially, when they do call they may have you dominated. I understand that with SB opens, you have wider range, trying to steal blind, but what happens when you have something good, that you would like to get action on, and you 4x and it just folds out a bunch of stuff and you get no action. Do you then change your open size, which could then lead to savvy players seeing you have different sizing for different ranges and make it easier for them to call or fold, would be somewhat exploitative. It might not be at micros or on speed tables, but I guess that depends on who you are playing and where. I know its only 1bb so maybe not a huge deal, just spitting out whats rolling around in my head to get a handle on it


superwombleon 27/9/14

Thanks for the replies Jon, very useful thanks :-)


Jon-PokerVIPon 27/9/14

Does this help at all?


Jon-PokerVIPon 27/9/14

Take JJ for example. We can call preflop or 4bet to get it in. If the villain has a 3b of under 6% i would probably look at flatting. If the villain has a high 3bet say 10%+ then i would 4bet with the intent of getting it in.


Jon-PokerVIPon 27/9/14

@Superwomble: Ok when i say it makes it easier i mean we know we should generally fold small pairs out of position vs a 3bet and we also know QQ+ is a somewhat standard spot to 4bet and get it in. All this if we are 100bb or less effective stacks ofc. Then the inbetween hands will come down to how the villain plays.


Jon-PokerVIPon 27/9/14

@Superwomble: For the sb opening range you can use the same as the BTN ranges. Then just add in/take out some hands if the bb is call happy or folds a lot. A basic principal is open more if they are tight and fold to steals a bunch or open tighter if they 3b a ton of call all the time.


Jon-PokerVIPon 27/9/14

@Murtao: Thanks man! Yeh the BTN will always be our most profitable position so make sure you get the most out of it. Even upping your opens to say a 50% range would be profitable.


superwombleon 25/9/14

Sorry, just thought of another question - what about if we're in the blinds?


superwombleon 25/9/14

One query I do have though is that you say it's easy to know which hands we fold, call 3bets vs or 5bet to get in, but I think I get this wrong a lot. Could you expand on that please?


superwombleon 25/9/14

I think this is an interesting article and I shall be looking at these charts and incorporating the ideas when I p lay speed next.


murtaoon 31/7/14

I use this strategy for a past 5 days and I must say it's great. I was really tight even on button when I played speed poker but now I have a filing I get far more folds when I steal :)

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