Posted 6 years ago
Weekend Update,

So the sessions have been going pretty well and managed to bink a small $5.50 Turbo yesterday. Really starting to play some good poker and I have to say its all down to my coach having faith and giving me confidence. Also I am holding my mental game side of it together for most part of it. It did slide a little yesterday in the middle of that comp. But I took a breather and calmed and reassured myself, and then came back and crushed it (Of course with a little luck aswell).

So going to grind a little again today and then hopefully have a massive Sunday.

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Posted 6 years ago

So at the start of the week I received a message from mentor saying he had seen some very hard work from me in the last couple of weeks and that he was increasing my daily roll and allowing me to play some higher buy-ins. So I am now able to play as many $16.50's as I want and a few $22 a day. This was a welcome confidence boost and it showed me that I am on the right track and progressing well with my game.

So the first $22 I played was a knockout, turbo (I seem to like these games). Unfortunately I couldn't manage the win when my AKo was no good against 99 and didn't hit. But I did mange a 6th place in this for $102 in total, which was not bad considering I had only played tow games that day, So a nice little profit for the day all in all.

So I had a mental game coaching session on Sunday before I started the grind, Now there was no deep runs and only a few min cashes but fuck me did that mental game session work wonders. I took my beats on the chin and just moved on like nothing had happened. Just closed down the lobby and fired up another. So I am going to attend one now at least once a week and see how it goes from there.

I also have my first 1 on 1 session this coming Monday with Matt Harris. We are going to do a database review (Which I have never done before) so I am really interested to hear what he has to say about how I play and potential leaks I may have that can be plugged to try and take my game to the next level. I will update here next week on how it went and if we find any major leaks.

I dont no if I am grinding much for the rest of the week as I plan on taking a few days to myself and enjoying some time with my family in this glorious weather.

Well GL to anyone grinding and chat to you all soon.
Posted 6 years ago
Congrats on moving up, and even more so on a nice finish in the first higher buy-in!

Matt Harris is a good guy and I'm sure those session are really really beneficial so hoping for another nice positive update in the next one!

Side note: will this sunny weather ever end?!
Posted 6 years ago
Cheers Mate, Ya was a nice finish alright. Just lost a flip and felt I played good through out.

Ya very good, we had some group sessions with him and I really liked what he was saying so decided to book a 1 to 1 with him.

Ya when it is sunny I always feel guilty about playing (Until I win).

Had the session today will update in another post this eve or tomorrow.
Posted 6 years ago
Hi Guys

Sorry didn't update after my database review. Just had a hectic week trying to get some volume in. So all in all he was very happy with my overall stats and how I play and said I have some very good win rates. But he did find some Leaks in my game that he said are only going to increase my win-rates even more if I can work on them. I dont really want to say what they are as I know I come across a few people on the tables that read my updates on here. So I hope you all understand my reasoning for this.

So since I have got the new instructions I couldn't really implement them as I have been pretty card dead the past week. Every Session I have played has been a loosing one. I have to say though my Mental Game has really held up the past week and I keep coming in positive and trying to play to the best of my abilities. Yesterday it broke a little bit, But I stood away for a half an hour and got my mind focused again.

So lets hope this week is a bit better and I can hopefully get cards to work on the new instructions I have received from Matt Harris.

Well GL to everyone playing for the week and I will try to update more soon. Again apologies for not stating all info on my new instructions.
Posted 6 years ago
Hi Guys,

I am thinking about starting streaming. Just wonder does anyone have any advice and do people think its a good idea?

I would appreciate some feedback.
Posted 6 years ago
Hey, don't worry mate, we wouldn't expect you to share info like that Cheeky

Re: streaming - I always say to give it a go! I enjoy doing it even though I'm bad and I like watching others

Some advice:

Keep talking, even if you have no viewers - is good practice and gets you used to it as it's weird at first talking out loud 'to yourself'!
Run the tests to ensure your computer can handle it - nothing worse than a laggy stream
Keep delay to a minimum - I see players playing zoom to 5 viewers with a 5 minute delay, doesn't need it
PERSONALLY I don't like music in the background

Good luck!
Posted 5 years ago
Hi Guys,

Sorry its been so long since my last update, I have not played all that much in the past week or so. But when I have played I have had some decent runs and some near misses. I have got a 22nd and a 10th and a couple of other top 50 finishes in a few Bounty Hunters with my biggest score for around $120.

The month is going to end in a negative for me though and it will be the first month since I started that I will not get a payment but its all good. Cant make a profit every month, But its not the end till Monday so lets hope we can bink something again then.

My Mental game went of the rails a little bit in the last few days, But Its all a learning curve and I pulled it back quicker than used to so thats a positive. I have had another session with Matt Harris and he was very positive with what he had to say and saw some major improvement in what he told me to work on. So lets see if we can get the results to follow.

I am still considering streaming and Thanks for the advice@AshVIP and I will take it all into consideration.

So GL to all grinding the weekend and lets go get some binks.
Posted 5 years ago
Sums Up the last 3 or 4 months really, Finding it really hard to keep control of my Mental Game after this.

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Posted 5 years ago
Quick Update!!!!

So Hi guys do not have much to update really as I have taken the past week off from grinding to take a little break away with the misuss to Belfast. Which by the way is a fabulous city which I would highly recommend visiting. So the day before I stopped playing I made a final table in a $11 power turbo on Party. Even though I went as short-stack I managed a few ladders and bust in 5th for $100 or so. This helped the month get of to good start , so lets hope it continues.

I checked my PocketFives rankings since I came back and have a reached an all time high of 6759 in the World Wide rankings and 97th in the Ireland rankings. I am not on track to reach my Goal, unless I get some really big scores. But I am still happy with my progress.

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So I am back on the grind today and really looking forward to it. I think the week away has really helped me refresh my mind so lets get grinding and get some binks.
Posted 5 years ago
BINK!!! (Well 2nd)

So we got a nice little bink today with a 2nd in the $22 BH, My hands were tied ICM wise when down to 3 as the shortest stack was siting out and the pay jump was $125 bucks so would have been a disaster to bust. Glad all the hard work I have been putting in has finally paid of. So lets hope this is start of a nice run.

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Posted 5 years ago

Very fucking nice! Well done Kris, nice boost, hopefully crack on from here!
Posted 5 years ago
Ya nice little score alright Ash. I hope I can keep it going now and have a good month.
Posted 5 years ago
How's this week been for you @KrisyBubble22 mate?
Posted 5 years ago

Sorry I havent updated in a while, I have gotten myself a new part-time job so have not been playing much this last month with training for that taking its toll, to be honest the new job seems to be after taking the pressure of a bit and I only went got 4th in a $55 game yesterday

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This is my biggest score so far on PartyPoker and its really nice to see things come together and no I have the game to compete in these $55 games.

So its an evening off for me this eve and I will be playing some more tomorrow and Friday.

These recent scores have put my goal back on track bit, so when PocketFives have done there rankings for the week I will post again and update on that.

Well GL to everyone and have a nice few days.
Posted 5 years ago
Very nice score mate! Good to see a couple of results coming in, is great for the confidence (and your P+L)!

It should certainly be a nice little booster for the Pocket 5's as well
Posted 5 years ago
Yes def mate, Confidence is everything mate so nice to see the downswing has ended a bit. Checked the other day and I was on like a $2,500 downswing.

Yes from the $600 score in a $22 game I picked up 50 points, So will be nice to see how many I can get for this. I also have about another 30 points to be added in other cashes aswell.
Posted 5 years ago*

Hi guys I know I have not been posting much lately but with work and poker I find it hard to find the time.

Well things have been tipping along nicely. Had another nice score when we finished 3rd in $22 Deep-stack on Party. I really feel this new job has taken the pressure of and I feel I dont have to win the whole time, but just go and play to my best of my abilities and see what happens. It is nice to see all the hard work finally starting to pay of. And the coaching has def started to pay off.

I have now reached 83rd in the Ireland rankings and I also have a few points to be added this week so lets see what happens.

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Posted 5 years ago
Fantastic result mate! Looks like it's all coming together atm, long my it continue!
Posted 5 years ago

So guys I have had a slow couple of days since my 3rd place. No cashes to even report. I have seemed to lack a bit of focus and concentration. So I am working on fixing that.

On a positive note the Pocket fives rankings have come out again and we have moved to 74th place in Ireland which is now only 24 places of my target for the year. I still need about 200 points to get me there. So lets keep the grind going and hope we can there by January.

Good luck to all grinding and as usual if anyone has any questions do not be afraid to ask.