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Bastiaan has played poker for years successfully, transitioning from 6max to heads up poker. Being 21 from the Netherlands Bas is putting all of his time into improving as a player and profiting from poker. He is now opening up his game to teach our PokerVIP members EVERYTHING he knows. 

Bas is surrounded by some of the highest profile/biggest winning players on the planet, absorbing all of their knowledge to help improve his game daily. With the motivation to teach and learn Bas will be a great addition to the PokerVIP coaching roster. Want to learn heads up? Stay tuned!!! 

Heads UpNLHEMicro
Hu4Dummies Cash Games: Part 3

Check out Part 3 of HU4Dummies. Live play! Part 1 of the seriesPart 2 of the series

Bastiaan Van De Kamer 9,739 Views on 6/1/14

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Hu4Dummies Cash Games: Part 2

Part 2 talks about preflop ranges. Check it out! Part 1 of the series Part 3 of the series 

Bastiaan Van De Kamer 8,679 Views on 29/11/13

Heads UpNLHEMicro
Hu4Dummies Cash Games: Part 1

Want to learn everything you need to know about Heads Up cash games? Look no further. From rules to advanced lines these...

Bastiaan Van De Kamer 8,949 Views on 26/11/13