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Ben Hayles aka "Gamb64" is from Manchester, England, and has been successfully grinding as an online poker pro for the past 18 years. Ben is also a professional poker coach, specialising in No Limit Hold'em MTT's and SNGs. 

A well respected figure in the online poker scene, Ben has produced poker training videos for sites such as Hold'em Manager, Tournament Poker Edge, Sit n Go Grinders and

Ben is well known for his poker strategy and use of database analysis to assess the game. He is among the best in the world when it comes to effectively using a HUD to beat the low stakes games and in 2015 released his first book entitled 'Postflop' which delves deep into the complex universe that is postflop poker offering up practical and useful insights, backed up by hard data, that can be taken by anyone and applied at the tables.

The book can be purchased at and as a special offer you can get a 25% discount by using the code 'pokervip'.

Shortly after the release of the book, Ben launched a poker strategy podcast aptly named the 'Postflop Poker Podcast', which analyses a different postflop scenario with each episode. Featuring guests such as Greg Raymer and Jonathon Little, the show, which is released fortnightly, is proving popular among serious recreational players. You can find the show on iTunes or at

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Top 6 Post Flop Scenarios

Poker pro Ben Hayles from brings us his first video for PokerVIP  "Top 6 Post Flop Scenarios"...

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