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I was a mathematics instructor for 23 years, and hold an MA in Mathematics Education. Now retired, I tutor advanced mathematics and have time to pursue my passions: which include poker. As an educator, I have long been interested in how people approach the subject of mathematics. I have always tried to share not only technical knowledge, but a perspective as well. Of course mathematics is an essential component of poker skill. It is still an unsolved game - with plenty of room for debate and learning.
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Am I A Winning Poker Player?

Looking at advanced mathematics Dave Nachowitz explains in detail how win rates & variance effects players overall p...

David Nachowitz 7,782 Views on 30/10/15

Texas Hold'em No Limit AdvancedAdvanced Poker Mathematics: Win Rates & Variance

More advanced poker mathematics delves into win rates, variances, and focuses on more specific math situations.

David Nachowitz 13,322 Views on 3/11/15