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Duran found poker at a very young age, getting into trouble for playing cards during school he soon realised he was hooked on the game. Whilst studying maths at University he took his game to the next level, playing with friends and finally venturing into online poker. 

Depositing $50 he never looked back and now grinds 100nl. Duran started short stacking 20bb then when the games changed to 30bb min he adjusted to mid stacking. Becoming one of the most feared mid stackers online. 

With a love for the game and an incredible teaching approach Duran will bring mid stacking strategy videos mainly for our Spanish audience. 

If you want to learn maths, stats and a poker strategy that makes money then these are the videos for you! 

"Its not about how many big blinds you have in your stack, its about SPR" 

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Estrategia Midstack Poker: Primera Parte

Bienvenidos al estreno del primer video de PokerVIP en Espanol. Introduccion al juego con Mid Stack. 

Duran Gonzalez 10,001 Views on 3/12/13