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I currently live in the US and have been playing poker full-time (mostly online) for a little over 2 years. I became a fan of poker during the Moneymaker era while I was still in college, and after having several "real world" jobs, I decided it was time to pursue the dream. In the last 2 years of grinding MTTs, I've been fortunate enough to have online cashes of $250k+ over several sites, and 2 WSOP Circuit cashes (10th and 12th). I'd have to say my strength at the tables are my ability to put myself in my opponents shoes. Other than that, I just look to each day as a new one, enjoy life, and do my best to keep smiling!

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$20 MTT Freezeout - Review Part 3

John Gonzalez from team Moshman reviews the final part of his student's deep MTT run.Part 1 of the seriesPart 2 of the s...

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MTT Fundamentals Part 2 - Strategy

In Part 2, John talks basic tournament strategy - position, stacksize awareness, playing good hands, knowing when to fol...

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$20 MTT Freezeout - Review Part 2

Team Moshman Coach John Gonzalez reviews the middle part of his student'st $20 MTT Freezout!Part 1 of the seriesPart 3 o...

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