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Lewis Lyons

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Lewis is a 6-max NLH cash game specialist who plays between 50nl-200nl. Currently living in Edinburgh, UK, he has been playing poker for the past 4 years. During the last 2 he has been studying Mechanical Engineering at Edinburgh University and his poker hobby turned professional to pay the bills.


Having no way to deposit when he began playing, Lewis started grinding freerolls until he eventually made enough to give the micro Fixed Limit tables a shot. He soon transitioned to No Limit micro stakes and found his success and love of the game there. Being able to play NLH motivated him to actively learn everything about poker related game theory that he could. Already being something of a maths nerd, Lewis read every book and watched every video on NLH he could find enjoying how his other skills could help him be successfully in poker. His passion for learning continues to this day. Owning over 200 poker books (and actually having read most of them) and still consistently winning online, Lewis's game continues to evolve.


Now making stable income, he views the game more about becoming as good as he can be than solely for financial gain and he particularly enjoys helping others achieve the same success he has. Having been coaching for the past two years up to 200nl Lewis has instructed everyone from tournament players changing to cash, micro players looking to move up and 200nl regs looking to plug their leaks. His style of coaching is focused to the individual, he uses different techniques depending on the student. These include live coaching and session review as well as dedicated sessions to improve a students theoretical understanding of the game with relevant real world examples and applications. Recently, Lewis has been playing almost exclusively speed poker. His preference for LAG play makes his style highly profitable and interesting to watch while his coaching experience allows him to make concepts discussed well understood. Having been active in forums for most of his time playing poker, he loves interaction and discussion about any aspect of poker.


Lewis will be bringing you all kinds of 6-max related content, watch this space!


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