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Per has been a professional poker player for 7 years, starting at nl50 working his way up and transitioning to PLO 5000. Playing across all sites Per has become one of the greatest mid-high stakes PLO players online. 

Per is now ready to share with you his success and show you exactly what to do and why. With a massive passion for coaching players Per will be creating outstanding presentations, hh reviews, live play and instructional videos for the PokerVIP members. 

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Bulten08 PLO Webinar. PLO $50

Check out our first ever PLO livestreamed webinar by the one and only Bulten08! Talking through all his difficult spots ...

Per Bertilsson 10,312 Views on 29/10/13

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PLO Live Play $400 Poker Review: Part 2

Per covers a 6 tabling PLO - $400 session discussing every hand in depth. 

Per Bertilsson 9,585 Views on 9/10/13

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PLO Reads Introduction

Per gives you an introduction into PLO reads. 

Per Bertilsson 10,419 Views on 4/10/13