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I work in the software industry, and back in 2007, I was introduced to poker by a friend of mine who played a lot of limit poker in the golden days (pre UIGEA).  I played the game for a bit and was a huge nit, didn't play a ton and just messed around when I had a chance.  A bit later in 2009 I started to put in a bit more volume and play more seriously, put in ample time at SSNL and made a solid move to MSNL games.  I grinded a decent amount of the midstakes games until black friday and had to move my play elsewhere since.
The majority of my play has been centered around 6-max, but I did spend a decent chunk of time playing heads up, but eventually returned to 6 max when the lack of action and abundance of hit and runs was too tilting to deal with.  
My approach to the game is very flexible and post flop oriented.  I am very focused on developing reads on individuals and classifying player types, and being a detailed oriented person this comes naturally to me.  I love to talk/teach poker because I can articulate my thoughts very well, and I believe this will be evident in my videos/coaching.
In my spare time I'm usually just hanging out, training bjj, or playing starcraft like a huge nerd, oh and also hanging out with my soon to be wife.
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