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PokerVIP Pros are seasoned veterans and proven poker winners. With experience in all formats of poker including no limit hold’em cash, tournaments and sit ‘n go’s as well as pot limit omaha cash experts, you can be sure to find someone that resonates with you throughout our large roster of poker coaches.


Philipp Rohr

Philipp "eroticjesus" Rohr, first DE-Coach at Philipp "eroticjesus" Rohr, German-speaking Low/Smallstakes-Coach at Ich heiße Philipp, komme aus Berlin und bin Ende zwanzig. Ein paar deutsche Mitglieder werden mich womöglich von anderen Seiten kennen. Ich bin in diversen Pokerforen als "eroticjesus" bekannt. Ich habe im Laufe der Jahre tausende Strategieposts verfasst (einige so lan...

NLHE 6 Videos 5/5 (1 Review)

Brad Wilson

My name is Brad Wilson and I have been a professional poker player for the past 11 years. I have loved the continuous pursuit of knowledge and dedication to a profession that is constantly evolving. I still very much remember the 20 year old kid that had a dream and worked 60+ hours/week to save up for his first poker bankroll. If I could offer that 20 year old kid one piece of advice, it would be to constantly ...

NLHE 3 Videos 5/5 (1 Review)

Marc Kennedy

Full Tilt Player Ambassador Marc 'PlayinWitDreams' Kennedy Micro and Small stakes CoachMarc Kennedy was the 5 time undefeated champion of the Rush high category in the Blackcard Competition at Full Tilt. He specialises in 3-6 handed No-Limit cash games in the Rush format. Full Tilt recently signed him to be their Player Ambassador and you can see him streaming 10nl Rush on Twitch @MarcKennedy. You can also find him o...

NLHE 6 Videos 5/5 (3 Reviews)

Nick Whitton

Nick has been a true microstakes grinder playing 10,000's of hands at each level of the microstakes. He has a growing win rate due to his hard work ethic and passion for the game. Nick has become familiar with almost every site which gives him a great insight into all playing styles. His knowledge on the basics of poker is fresh and suited well to todays game with a combination of feel and EV calculations. With a mic...

NLHE 35 Videos 5/5 (2 Reviews)

Ben Middleton

Ben Middleton, PLO Coach at Ben Middleton is a high stakes PLO grinder from the UK. He appeared on boot camp on the T.V. show '2 Months, 2 Million' as an already well established and well respected member of the high stakes community.Ben currently plays Mid-High stakes PLO across the Euro networks, and his training videos are available for iPokerVIP members.

PLO 2 Videos 4/5 (1 Review)

Tim Richards

Tim started out as a professional sports bettor and initially viewed poker as a hobby as most of us once did. In 2008 Tim was fortunate to work with some of the best coaches available to allow the hobby to turn into playing professionally. Since that point Tim has played and coached full-time alongside the sports betting and trading.Tim has worked with many 6max NL players looking to work on beating their ...

NLHE 3 Videos 5/5 (1 Review)

Blizzy PokerVIP

Blizzy is a PokerVIP member and friend of the website who would like to keep his real identity anonymous. He's not a professional poker player, but loves to gamble and play recreationally. We've made an agreement with Blizzy where he's allowed us to review his thrilling high-stakes online sessions at Sky Poker - The room of his choice. Check out his videos at the top right of this page.You can watch Blizzy's Hig...

NLHE 4 Videos 5/5 (1 Review)

PokerVIP Coaching

At PokerVIP we pride ourselves in recruiting top poker talent from around the World to help our users improve their game. With over 350 original training videos from over 30 renowned poker coaches, PokerVIP is one of the best resources in the World for learning not only how to play good poker, but to win. All of our coaches are individually recruited and we take great care to ensure that each one is a winni...

NLHE 73 Articles 9 Videos No Reviews

Dan O'Callaghan

Primarily an MTT grinder, Dan began playing poker over curry and Kopperberg whilst at university about 4 years ago.   He exists as several aliases but is best know as 'danshreddies'. His biggest score came earlier in the year when he finished 2nd at PKR Live for around $16k. Playing the bulk of his online poker on smaller sites, he has had success online with over $300,000 in earnings, the most notable being...

MTT 23 Articles 8 Videos 5/5 (1 Review)

Lewis Lyons

Lewis Lyons aka: Dread-Wolf94   Lewis is a 6-max NLH cash game specialist who plays between 50nl-200nl. Currently living in Edinburgh, UK, he has been playing poker for the past 4 years. During the last 2 he has been studying Mechanical Engineering at Edinburgh University and his poker hobby turned professional to pay the bills.   Having no way to deposit when he began playing, Lewis started grinding f...

NLHE 3 Videos No Reviews

Luke Haward

Hi everyone, I’m Lucky Luke and I'm a teacher, writer and poker grinder from Oxford, UK. I'm an MTT player staked for mid to high stakes across all the main sites.   I play $5 - $215 freeze-outs, $1r - $11r and $22c typically, and most online series events.   My game has gone from strength to strength, and while I have had a series of frustrating close calls in the high stakes (such as 13th in the Sun...

NLHE 10 Articles 6 Videos 5/5 (1 Review)

David Anthony

  This is DeMarco. I am here to help you improve yourself and get more out of life.  I am a medical student who also studied self-development intensively for the last 5 years, reading lots of books, basically anything i found interesting. I did this with a clear purpose in mind: to improve my performance, get to a new level of productivity and understand how our mind works and how we can influence it. Boo...

3 Videos No Reviews

Duran Gonzalez

Duran found poker at a very young age, getting into trouble for playing cards during school he soon realised he was hooked on the game. Whilst studying maths at University he took his game to the next level, playing with friends and finally venturing into online poker.  Depositing $50 he never looked back and now grinds 100nl. Duran started short stacking 20bb then when the games changed to 30bb min he adjusted...

NLHE 1 Video No Reviews

Aleksey Shestyan

Playing mainly live mixed games and online MTTs Aleksey has a shown a true passion for poker and an unheard of talent of being able to transition from game to game with very little stress or strain.  Besides grinding poker Aleksey plays pretty much anything that involves strategy and GTO. Chess being one of his passions. Along with the mind games he also has a passion for sports. Jumping into pick up basketball...

PLO 4 Articles 19 Videos 4/5 (2 Reviews)

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