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HuGu Part 1: Your First Heads Up Poker Hand

Mr Margo 10,039 Views 23:03 Duration

5/5 (2 Reviews)
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Mr Margo
Mr Margo
13 Videos

Mr. Margo is our latest NLH heads up cash game coach. Making great content focused heavily on dynamics and stats. Margo plays anywhere up to 200nl and is progressing quickly up the levels. Boasting a poker players dream graph and win rate this will be the place to learn nlh heads up cash! 

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'HuGu' aka Heads up from the Ground up! Follow Mr.Margo's series for beginners. Everything you need to know including how to play your first ever hand. 

Part 2: PreFlop Adjustments

Part 3: PostFlop Strategy


5/5 (2 Reviews)

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Great video but personally I thought it was meant for beginners. Found some of the concepts hard to understand......Equity etc. Onwards and upwards. Thanks Mr Mr.Margo.

on 28/1/16




Hi HuGu, great video, I like the type of presentation you have used. For me as a novice in Poker world it contains very helpful info. It will be great if you can use examples in some points in next presentations you will made. While you are very good skilled poker player you want to provide a lot of informations/advice to novice so I have to see it more times to clear understand and take as most as I can from it. But well made video, I'm going for next one ;) Thank you!

on 11/10/15


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MikeyBuon 18/9/14

great vid though, very useful


MikeyBuon 18/9/14

'Im only folding the off suited crap here' 😂😂


vatopkron 12/8/14

Nice video, although i understood a 50%, due to my English heheheh


Esethon 29/12/13

Great video, really enjoyed it, eager to start some tables now :D



my hero


Jon-PokerVIPon 15/11/13

I think Margo sounds a bit like Patrick Antonius...Just me?

Mr. Margo

Mr. Margoon 9/11/13

haha... well yeah I will do my best :)


Spazy101on 8/11/13

if i hear \"yeah\" one more time i\'m gonna freak out:)))

besides that,very good video,keep them coming:)


Jon-PokerVIPon 25/10/13

i don\'t think anyone could have explained this any better than Margo did. Cracking intro to heads up. Looking forward to watching this develop into the advanced theory.


AccountDeletedon 23/10/13

Great vid love the bit about mindset at the end.

Mr. Margo

Mr. Margoon 21/10/13

We will discuss changing from minraises to 3x in the next part. I like minraising more as a default because you simply lose less when you get 3bet in the first hands before you can really adjust on your opponents 3bet tendencies.


senXon 21/10/13

i rly love the format :) im still watching right now but dont you think its better to start 3x ? alot of ppl go crazy in the first hand and if you minraise u get a 3bet like 90% of the time and it is better to make him play big pots oop right? could be wrong tho. i\'ll continue watching now :D

Mr. Margo

Mr. Margoon 19/10/13

Great that you like it :)


FloatingIceon 18/10/13

This is awesome, will check out your whole HuGu series for sure :D

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