Ryan Fee: How Elite Nosebleed Players Approach NLHE - Part 1

11,234 Views on 21/3/16

Ryan Fee from upswingpoker shows low stakes players the perspective of how an elite nosebleed player would approach the 100nl games on ACR. Ryan is part of the 'evil empire' group which also involved Jason Mo and Doug 'WCG|Rider' Polk so not only do we benefit from his experience but also the strategy he has developed with his team mates. Discussing subjects such as...

This video is perfect for any player wanting to climb the stakes as fast as possible. 

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Ryan Fee

Ryan Fee, Poker Coach at PokerVIP.com Ryan Fee is an online poker professional known for his entertaining and aggressive style of play. He's successfully beaten the mid-stakes and high-stakes cash games online for over 6 years, with an ama ... Read More


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