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A poker player who is considered to be very tight or overly cautious. A nit will have a playing style that will include few bluffs, bets with strong made hands, and a tight folding range. A nit will generally have an extremely strong range for a pre-flop raise. Generally, these hands will include premium hands such as AA, KK, QQ, AKs, suited face cards, and medium pocket pairs. A nit will generally play relatively predictably post flop. This will include value betting strong hands such as top pair, two pair, and sets. Also, a nit will only bluff in rare situations.
This tight style of play can lead to some exploitability by stronger players, but it generally works against loose and “fishy” players. Many nits play several tables online.
The origin of the word most likely comes from the word “nitpick”, although this fact has yet to be confirmed.

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