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The best possible made hand on a given board. The Nuts can refer to the best possible hand in any street, but the official nuts is determined by the river or the final street. For example, Pocket Aces (AA) would be the nuts on a flop of Ah Th 2s. However, the turn and river could bring cards such as another heart that would change the best possible hand. Therefore, Pocket AA in the previous example would be considered the mortal nuts. The nuts can also refer to best hand of a certain rank. The nut flush refers to the highest flush (the Ace high flush) and the nut straight refers to the highest possible straight. The absolute nuts refers to a hand that cannot be beaten regardless of the board progression. For example, AhKh on a QhJhTh would be the absolute nuts and the best possible hand in poker (Royal Flush). Generally, the absolute nuts can only be made before the river with a straight flush or four of a kind (Quads). The origin of this particular phrase comes from games in the past where players would bet objects such as wagons. A player would take the nuts from his wagon and place them on the table to signify that his hand was so strong that he wasn't worried about escaping or wagering his valuable possessions.
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