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Poker Mental Game & PlanningOptimizing Your Diet for Poker

Given how often poker is compared to other sports it's surprising that the issue of optimizing one's diet for optimal poker performance almost never comes up.

Matt VIP 6,729 Views on 14/11/16

Poker Mental Game & PlanningPhil Hellmuth Poker Strategy

In this article we'll take a look at some of the famous hands Poker Brat took part in at try to dissect them in order to figure out what makes his game tick.

Matt VIP 9,369 Views on 9/11/16

Poker Mental Game & PlanningPhil Laak Poker Strategy

Phil Laak proved his skill many times by winning a WSOP bracelets, millions of dollars in live tournaments and showing us some solid poker in televised cash games.

Matt VIP 6,102 Views on 25/10/16

Poker Mental Game & PlanningVanessa Selbst Poker Strategy

Casual poker enthusiasts may have a wrong idea about her poker skill just because Selbst participated in some unfortunate hands during televise tournaments and cash game events.

Matt VIP 5,747 Views on 21/10/16

Poker Mental Game & PlanningAntonio Esfandiari Poker Strategy

In this article, we're going to take a closer look at Esfandiari's game and try to figure out what allowed him to become such a successful player throughout the years.

Matt VIP 13,471 Views on 18/10/16

Poker Mental Game & PlanningThree Ways To Test Your Poker Skills

Take these three steps and make October 2016 the moment you take action to catapult your poker game to heights you never thought possible.

PokerVIP Coaching 6,641 Views on 5/10/16

Texas Hold'em No Limit BeginnerTraining Specificity in Poker

While calling poker players 'athletes' might be pushing the term a bit, there are certainly some parallels, namely the fact that training is an absolutely essential part of poker lifestyle.

Matt VIP 8,826 Views on 26/9/16

Poker Mental Game & PlanningPhil Galfond Poker Strategy

Unlike some other notable pros, who almost never share their strategic approach with the rest of the poker world Phil made a thriving business out of teaching other poker enthusiasts how to become good at playing cards.

Matt VIP 9,115 Views on 15/9/16

Poker Mental Game & PlanningPatrik Antonius Poker Strategy

Patrik rarely talks about his poker strategy and in order to figure out what made it so successful we're going to take a look at some interesting hands from Antonius's career.

Matt VIP 11,314 Views on 12/9/16

Poker Mental Game & PlanningThe Most Inovative Poker Training Tool of the Decade

In this article, we're going to talk about a recently funded project that has the potential to change that trend and impact the poker world in a very interesting way.

Matt VIP 5,625 Views on 8/9/16