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Texas Hold'em No Limit IntermediateHow to Crush Your Opponents with Bet Sizing

Learning how to size your bets correctly will set you on the path to crushing your opponents

Mark Patrickson 5,335 Views on 8/12/21

Texas Hold'em No Limit IntermediateGTO Poker Solvers in 2021

While the world’s elite players have no doubt mastered the use of solvers, and memorised the results of much of what they learned, are they important to the average player?

Mark Patrickson 5,119 Views on 25/11/21

Texas Hold'em No Limit IntermediateHow to Defeat the Bot Rings

Bots by their very nature play to a formula

Mark Patrickson 3,723 Views on 29/9/21

Texas Hold'em No Limit IntermediateHow To Play Poker Like Doug Polk

Doug Polk is one of poker’s greatest success stories over the last decade

Mark Patrickson 5,113 Views on 13/4/21

Texas Hold'em No Limit IntermediateThe Anatomy of a Hero Call

Hero calling can be another way of gaining an edge over our opponents so in this article we'll discuss the concept in a bit more detail.

Matt VIP 9,679 Views on 15/12/17

Texas Hold'em No Limit IntermediateCheating Methods in Live Poker Games

It's better to be safe than sorry and so in this article, we're going to talk about the most popular forms of cheating.

Matt VIP 14,941 Views on 28/7/17

Texas Hold'em No Limit IntermediateTraps and Pitfalls to Avoid on a Wet Board

In this article we're take a closer look at the traps and pitfalls you might come across when playing on a wet board.

Matt VIP 9,899 Views on 9/12/16

Texas Hold'em No Limit IntermediateMetagame in Poker

If we limit our focus to card combos, bet sizing and ranges we can miss the bigger picture.

Matt VIP 8,236 Views on 28/11/16

Texas Hold'em No Limit IntermediateStars vs 888 – Analysis and Conclusions

This was by no means a perfect experiment, but should serve as a very good rough guide for where it makes the most sense to play.

PokerVIP Coaching 14,909 Views on 4/11/16

Texas Hold'em No Limit IntermediateStars vs 888: Week 2- Live Play on 888

The goal here is to help recreational players make a logical decision regarding which site is best for them in the long run. Check the results from 888 grind.

PokerVIP Coaching 9,513 Views on 4/11/16