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My name is Darius Wajda and I'm 26 year old cash grinder from Canada. I've been playing for 8 years and developed my poker skills playing sit'n'goes and then later on moved to cash games. I play mainly the 6max NLHE 100NL and 200NL games on Pokerstars under the name "CzarDariusz". I play poker part time alongside working as a structural analyst.

I stream many of my sessions and discuss strategy on my Twitch stream, twitch.tv/komododragonjesus.
Six MaxNLHESmall
How to Play Suited Connectors

Bitesize tutorial on how to play suited connectors including both in and out of position, 3Bet pots, post flop strategy ...

Darius Wajda 4,475 Views on 6/5/16

Six MaxNLHESmall
888 Poker $100nl Snap (Fast Fold) Part 1

Twitch legend KomodoDragonJesus is back with a brand new series this time over on 888 poker playing $100nl SNAP games (f...

Darius Wajda 5,726 Views on 25/4/16

Six MaxNLHESmall
How to Play Ace King

PokerVIP pro Darius Wajda gives us a run down on how to play Ace King properly. Let us know your thoughts in the co...

Darius Wajda 4,530 Views on 14/4/16